Phoenix Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Attorney

If you are being discriminated against at work or have suffered from retaliation. What are your options? In most cases, if you believe you have a claim against your employer, you will need to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Arizona attorney general’s office. This often leads to mediation with your employer, where it will be important to have an experienced Phoenix employment attorney on your side.

The Importance Of Phoenix Employment Discrimination Lawyers

At the law firm of Yen Pilch Robaina & Kresin PLC, our Phoenix discrimination lawyers and retaliation attorneys have extensive experience representing employees in EEOC mediations. Our Phoenix employment discrimination attorneys understand the mediation process and can help you pursue a beneficial outcome. To put yourself in a position to be successful at the EEOC mediation hearing, you need a knowledgeable lawyer on your side

An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Attorney  Will Get You the Settlement You Deserve

The EEOC mediator won’t be there to make a decision about who is right or wrong. Their job is to be the go-between in negotiations between you and your employer and aid in resolving the case.

If you are considering filing a complaint against your employer, put an attorney on your side who has a firm grasp of Phoenix employment law. We can provide you with an objective look at your case and what your options truly are.

You Need an Attorney Who Works as Hard as You Do

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