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"Mr. Robaina and his staff have been a blessing to me."

I could not have gotten through my ADA employment discrimination claim with out them. Everyone on the staff is professional. But they are also very caring and treated me with respect and kindness. Mr. Robaina is accessible, courteous and sympathetic. He has always taken his time to listen. I recommend his practice to anyone who has issues with their employers. You will get the help you need as you are led step by step through your claim. Thank you, Mr. Robaina and staff!

Mona S.
      "Highly recommend."

      David Kresin is great attorney with fantastic client communication. Not only did he deliver a good outcome for my complex case, he was also extremely responsive and helpful throughout. David Kresin ALWAYS took the time to explain everything in a very timely manner and was a complete straight shooter. Great firm and a pleasure to work with. I’ll never forget it. Highly recommend.

      Jay M.
      "The case went much faster than I expected"

      I retained the services of Mr. Robaina to represent me in an employment matter. He was professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He explained the entire process to me in detail and was very patient answering all of my questions. The case went much faster than I expected and the outcome exceeded our expectations. Also his support staff were very good to work with; friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend this firm.

      Fredrick A.
      "Thank you so much for all you do."

      Highly recommend based on experience working with attorney Phil Flemming. Thank you to Phil, Polly and their team for all the hard work they put in. The attorneys and staff are consistently kind, courteous and knowledgeable in employment law. They are detail-oriented and help you by advocating for what's right. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would. Thank you so much for all you do.

      "I highly recommend YPRK."

      I liked everything about my experience working with Yen Pilch Robaina & Kresin. My initial inquiry was handled professionally and the staff took time to understand my legal needs.

      My first consultation with Dave Kresin was very good -- Mr. Kresin took the time to review my documents and came to the meeting prepared. He was very considerate and understanding of my legal issue, and provided me with clear overview of my options.

      All aspects of YPRK's representation was excellent -- efficient, professional, with thorough legal counsel to ensure I fully understood all my options. One of my favorite things of working with Mr. Kresin was his overall guidance -- he helped keep me focused on legal options, financial considerations, all while keeping my emotions in check.

      I highly recommend YPRK.

      Teresa H.
      "I am glad to have paid for the initial consultation"

      Excellent EEOC Expert. I was terminated this past summer after 9.8 years at my employer. I felt it could be a case of age discrimination. After some research, I called Robaina & Kresin in Phoenix. I met with Thomas T. Griffin for an initial consult. He was quite competent and answered all my questions in a forthright manner. We discussed the various options and how they would progress and unfold. I retained him and we ended up with a mediation meeting EEOC and my past employer within 2 months. After a several hours of negotiations, we settled on a fair compromise. Thomas was great to work with, very thorough and experienced. I am glad to have paid for the initial consultation and his services through the mediation. If I filed on my own with the EEOC for free, I would still be waiting until the beginning of next year just to begin the process. I would strongly recommend Thomas to anyone who needs to deal with EEOC covered grievances.

      Imre C.
      "I would highly recommend Mr. Kresin to others."

      David Kresin is intelligent, intuitive, quick to assimilate information and strategic in his thinking. He carefully explains your legal options then executes them with a deft combination of resolve and diplomacy to arrive at a fair compromise with the other party. While I am only familiar with his mediation work, I would be very comfortable using him for litigation, too. I also appreciate his sensitivity to keeping a close eye on legal costs which is very refreshing when working with an attorney. I would highly recommend Mr. Kresin to others.

      Michael R.
      "I requested and received a top notch legal defense"

      Robaina and Kresin represented me as a defendant in an employment discrimination case. Because the allegations were extremely harmful to my reputation and not true, it was not a case that could be settled. I requested and received a top notch legal defense, and since I am a lawyer as well, I set the bar quite high. Not only did they pursue my defense with zeal, they were very professional , always kept me informed, advised me of my options and made recommendations. We won the case on a motion for summary judgment, and when the Plaintiff appealed they provided a highly professional appellate defense. We won the appeal as well. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who has an employment related legal problem. They are extremely good about communication with me as client and keeping me informed.

      Bruce H.
      "This office is a great resource"

      As an educator working for a non-union Charter School, I did not not who to turn to when my principal started improper practices with teachers during COVID19. We were shocked he would treated us so poorly during a pandemic. Kresin took my call and answered all my questions about my employment rights. He gave me straight advice and a clear direction to follow. This helped me immensely! This office is a great resource to turn to when you need an attorney to help you with an employment issue. Highly Recommend!

      B. Burton
      "He is extremely intelligent"

      Mr Robaina was a God sent. He is extremely intelligent, experienced and compassionate. Its rare to find all those qualities in an attorney. Mr Robaina has helped me with several issues over the years, and he always exceeds my expectations. Thank you.

      Anthony H.
      "I would recommend this firm for any employment cases."

      Very friendly and welcoming folks there. The attorney listened to my situation with great interest, and offered excellent legal advice. Even went past the hour interview slot I had scheduled, with no extra overtime fee. Nice business office too. I would recommend this firm for any employment cases.

      Preston J.
      "Our case was resolved in a manner favorable"

      Ed Robaina and his team represented my company during a very difficult lawsuit against a deep-pocket company represented by one of the largest law firms in the southwest. Robaina's team was very professional, always prepared, and very patient with us. Our case was resolved in a manner favorable to us, and we owe Ed and his team a lot for the work they did for us. I would highly recommend Robaina & Kresin.

      Tod W.
      "They are honest and trustworthy"

      I have hired Robaina and Kresin on several occasions over the last ten years. Their service has been professional and complete with attention to detail. They are honest and trustworthy and conduct business with the client's best interest in mind. I would highly recommend their firm for top notch legal representation.

      Brent W.
      "We need more lawyers like you."

      I am a doctor at a federal agency who was discriminated against. Edmundo Robaina took my case at short notice, just a few weeks before the hearing, reviewed thousands of pages, conducted interviews efficiently, and led the case effectively to a very successful, just outcome. The Judge awarded everything in my favor that one could have asked for. Edmundo is a unique attorney with the most pleasant, courteous, positive attitude who is not only smart and intelligent but is very honest, ethical, fair and with excellent soft interpersonal skills with everyone (all of these qualities which I did not expect in an attorney!). Thanks a lot, Edmundo, for leading my case to fair just outcome. We need more lawyers like you.

      Medical Doctor