Phoenix Hit And Run Accident Attorney

Vehicle accidents can have devastating impacts on those involved, particularly for any person who sustains injuries or incurs significant property damage. Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents often leave victims wondering where to turn in order to receive the compensation they need. At Yen Pilch Robaina & Kresin PLC, we are here to help if you need a Phoenix hit-and-run accident attorney by your side. Our team has experience handling complex accident cases like this, and we will help explore all routes towards securing the compensation you need.

Why Choose A Hit And Run Accident Lawyer From Yen Pilch Robaina & Kresin PLC?

  • At Yen Pilch Robaina & Kresin PLC, our Phoenix personal injury lawyers have an extensive track record of success handling complex vehicle accident cases in and around Phoenix.
  • We provide personalized attention to every client, which means we take the time to get to know their individual goals and needs.
  • We take Phoenix hit-and-run cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that our clients will not have to pay any legal fees until after our Phoenix car accident attorneys obtain the compensation they need.

How Will a Hit-and-Run Lawyer Help?

Hit-and-run accident claims in Phoenix can be challenging. Unfortunately, hit-and-run accident victims are often left with limited options when it comes to securing compensation. A skilled Phoenix hit-and-run lawyer will be able to explore all of the options available to victims when it comes to securing compensation.

First, an attorney will make sure that they fully investigate the claim and determine liability. This will include gathering any evidence available and working with law enforcement officials as they track down the hit-and-run driver. An attorney will also be able to thoroughly examine the victim’s insurance policy to fully explore any route for securing compensation.

How Common Are Hit-and-Run Accidents?

Data available from the Arizona Department of Transportation shows us that there were more than 15,000 total hit-and-run crashes reported across the state during the latest year. Out of these incidents, 62 people lost their lives and 3,459 were injured.

Unfortunately, hit-and-run crashes make it very challenging for victims who sustain injuries and property damage to secure the compensation they needed. There are various ways that a Phoenix hit-and-run crash victim may be able to secure compensation, including the following:

  • Their personal uninsured motorist liability coverage. If a victim has uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage, then they should be able to use that to get compensation for their injuries.
  • Their personal collision coverage. If a person has collision coverage, then they should be able to use this to get their vehicle repaired or replaced.
  • A claim against the other driver’s insurance. If the hit-and-run driver is located by law enforcement, and if they have insurance, a victim could file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance.
  • Through a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. If a hit-and-run driver is located by law enforcement but does not have insurance, then it may be possible to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit against them.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a hit-and-run accident anywhere in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, turn to the team at Yen Pilch Robaina & Kresin PLC for help with your case today. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to handle these complex injury cases, and we know what it takes to fully explore all paths of compensation for hit-and-run accident victims. Let us help you secure coverage of your medical bills, property damage expenses, lost income, pain and suffering damages, and more. When you need a Phoenix hit-and-run accident attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling (602) 682-6450.