Rise Services Inc. Unpaid Wages Lawsuit

Anthony v. Rise Services Inc.


On February 18, 2022, a former Rise Services Inc. employee filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona to recover unpaid overtime wages, unpaid minimum wage, and unpaid bonuses and hazard pay from Rise Services Inc.  Rise Services Inc. operates numerous caregiving facilities throughout Arizona, hiring Direct Support Professionals, like the employee who filed the lawsuit, to provide caregiving services.

The Plaintiff, a Direct Support Professional, brings his claims on behalf of himself and other Direct Support Professionals who worked for Rise Services Inc. in Arizona.  In the Complaint, the Plaintiff alleges that Rise Services Inc. failed to pay him and the other Direct Support Professionals all the hazard pay they had been promised and earned for providing caregiving services for individuals who tested positive for COVID-19.  In addition, Plaintiff alleges that he and the other Direct Support Professionals were not paid for their training time and did not receive pay for all their bonuses they were due.  As a result of these wage violations, Plaintiff alleges that he was not paid overtime, minimum wage, and wages due in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Arizona law.  Specifically, Plaintiff alleges that the overtime rate must account for hazard pay and bonuses that should have been paid, and Plaintiff alleges that training completed off the clock resulted in his wages falling below the minimum wage and unpaid overtime.

If you worked as a Direct Support Professional for Rise Services Inc. within the past three years, you may be impacted by the claims in this case.  If you wish to learn more about your legal rights, you can contact Ty Frankel or Patti Syverson, the attorneys at Yen Pilch Robaina & Kresin PLC who are representing the Plaintiff in this case, to discuss your specific legal situation and whether you may be able to pursue your claims as a class member in this action.  They can be reached by calling (602) 833-0220.